Hello and welcome to my blog!   The title of this blog, “roses  near running waters,”  is a reference to one of my favorite Bible passages.  It’s from Sirach and is a lesser known passage but for me it perfectly describes how awesome God is.  When I see the beauty of nature, I am reminded of God’s wonder and love for us.  His creation shows the beauty and perfection that is God.  And when I see the glorious beauty surrounding us, I know that the God who created all the heavens and the earth can certainly help me through anything that comes my way.  The wonder of His works reminds me to praise Him in all I do and to trust in him with all my heart.  Here is the passage:

“Listen, my faithful children: open up your petals, like roses planted near running waters; Send up the sweet odor of incense, break forth in blossom like the lily.  Send up the sweet odor of your hymn of praise; bless the LORD for all He has done!  Proclaim the greatness of His name, loudly sing His praises, with music on the harp and all stringed instruments; sing out with joy as you proclaim: The works of God are all of them good; in its own time every need is supplied.  At His word the waters become still as in a flask; He had but to speak and the reservoirs were made.  He has but to command and His will is done; nothing can limit His achievement.  The works of all mankind are present to Him; not a thing escapes His eye.  His gaze spans all ages; to Him there is nothing unexpected.  No cause then to say: “What is the purpose of this?”  Everything is chosen to satisfy a need.”       ~Sirach 39:13-21

So, like roses planted near running waters, I strive daily to praise the LORD for all He has done and to place all my trust in His infinite goodness.  And through this blog I hope to share my thoughts on matters of faith in this modern world, all the while remembering to keep the focus on the Creator. 

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One thought on “Welcome!

  1. winslow250 January 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm Reply

    Very inspiring! Looking forward to reading more! So blessed to have such wonderful sisters 🙂

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