Freedom Preserved?

The President of the United States announced yesterday that he is compromising on the birth control mandate imposed by the new HHS policy!  Obama’s compromise apparently will still provide the preventative services, including contraception, to women free of charge.  The difference is that institutions who disapprove of contraception due to religious beliefs will be exempted from paying for it.  Instead, the insurance companies will be required to provide the contraceptive services free of charge directly to the insured, without the place of employment in the middle.  I think this is a great compromise.  Details are still coming out and some people don’t think it goes far enough.  But with what I’ve heard so far, it’s enough for me!  In my eyes the main concern was protecting religious freedoms and reserving the right for a religious institution to abstain from a practice that was in contradiction with their beliefs.  It appears that this new compromise will allow that religious freedom to be preserved.  With all of the letters, petitions, and prayers, I think it was made very clear to our government that Americans treasure our freedom of religion more than they thought and that we will fight for what is right.

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