Three Thoughts

Happy Easter to everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful and holy celebration of our Lord’s resurrection!  Yesterday as I was preparing to get ready for Easter Sunday Mass, I opened up a small book I have called “#22: All for Jesus.  It was taken from Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Address to Youth on November 8, 1978.  In this address, Blessed John Paul II leaves us with three thoughts for our lives:

Look for Jesus,

Love Jesus,

Bear witness to Jesus.

These three thoughts have stuck with me.  So simple, and yet so profound.  Since reading these words just yesterday morning, I have found myself going over them in my head. 

How do I look for Jesus?  Do I see the face of Christ in those around me?  When I am getting aggravated or frustrated with someone, do I stop to see Jesus in them? Do I look for Christ in good times and bad?  Jesus is always present in our lives.  We can find Him in spring buds beginning to open up, in the warm sun shining on our skin, in the soft breeze that blows through the trees.  We can see Him in the wonder of the ocean, in the glory of the mountains, in the majesty of the forests.  We can see our Lord in the faces of the people we love.  By remembering to look for Christ in all that is around us and to look for Him even when times seem rough, we can react differently to situations and shine with the light of Christ.

How do I love Jesus?  In our thoughts, words and actions we can show our love for Christ.  By following the commandments, by participating in the sacraments, by praying faithfully and looking for Jesus in our daily lives, we show our love for Him.  And we can tell Him of our love.  We can be quick to tell family and friends that we love them.  How often do we tell God?  There is something so simple and pure about saying the words, “Jesus I love you” as a part of our prayers.  By affirming our love for Him, we open our hearts up to His Holy Spirit to move within us.

How do I bear witness to Jesus?  Do I share my faith with others?  Do I act in a way that shines Christ’s light to the world around me?  Bearing witness does not have to be preaching on a street corner or going door to door with a Bible in hand.  We can bear witness to Jesus through our actions and by being open to sharing the Gospel and our faith with those we come in contact with when the time arises.

I hope that these three thoughts from Blessed John Paul II inspire you as they did me.  In closing and with these three thoughts in my mind, I will leave you with my prayer for today.  I must admit I was a bit nervous typing my prayer to God out here.  But then I began to think, much of what I write is almost a prayer in itself.  God knows my thoughts already, and certainly there are prayers in my heart that are for me and God alone.  But today I felt compelled to post a short prayer here in hopes that someone may read my simple words and feel inspired or feel a desire to pray in whatever way is fitting.  Perhaps sharing this is a small way I can bear witness to Jesus with whose of you who read this.  So here is my little prayer for today:

+ O Lord Jesus, help me to see you and your glory in all that surrounds me.  Send your Holy Spirit to guide me so I can see you in the face of all meet.  I love you Lord with my whole heart.  I pray that you might make my heart pure so my love for you and for others can grow.  Help me to share your everlasting love with others through my thoughts, my words, and my actions.  Amen +

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