Maker of Beautiful Things

flower-204857_640While the title of my blog may refer to roses, my favorite flower is the daisy.  For our wedding, all I wanted were white and yellow daisies.  It was surprisingly difficult to find!  Most florists would try to convince me I needed a more impressive bouquet, that daisies were too plain or simple.  Some florists offered to combine daisies in with a large variety of other “fancy” flowers.  One florist offered to include daisies with little gems and jewels attached to them.  All I wanted though, were daisies.  And eventually I found a florist who gave me just that.  Beautiful daisy bouquets.  Simple.  Elegant.  Beautiful.

The fact that daisies are considered just plain, or boring, or simple, is exactly why I love them.  The distinct white petals seem so pure when contrasted with almost any background.  The small yellow center just seems to be a little pop of joyful color.  In their simplicity, they remind me that beauty is all around us.  That makeup, designer clothes, expensive haircuts, are not what make us beautiful.  Our God is a Maker of beautiful things of all shapes and sizes.  We only need to look around us to see all the beauty surrounding us. 

The way the leaves on the trees seem to dance in the wind outside my window as the sun peeks through them while beginning to set.  The way that the river gently flows through the forest.  The way that the clouds make designs in the sky and create small holes where the sunshine pours through like angels coming down to earth.  God makes beautiful things all around us.  And we are no different.  He can take our ordinary lives and make them into something beautiful. He can turn our lives into beautiful lives filled with the love of Christ and the peace of the Holy Spirit.  And we can share that love, that peace, with those around us.  I may be a “simple” girl.  But just like the daisy can be so simple and yet so beautiful through its Creator, I pray that God will take my ordinary life and make it beautiful. 

Below is a video of the song “Beautiful Things” by the band Gungor.  I heard this song come on the radio the other day.  It’s a song I’ve heard before but always just in the background.  I never really paid attention to the lyrics.  But it seemed to hit me in just the right place.  In all the confusion and chaos of everyday life, I pray that God will fill me with peace, love, and light so that my soul will be beautiful in the eyes of our Maker.   

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One thought on “Maker of Beautiful Things

  1. SR May 28, 2012 at 7:54 pm Reply

    Loved this!!! Beautiful post and song! Thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR

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