‘Troubled’ Ad: Very Troubling Indeed

***  I will let you know upfront that this is a political post.  I do not mean to endorse one particular political party or belief. In fact, I typically shy away from political posts, but I felt very strongly about this and wanted to share my opinion.  I respect the rights of those who disagree with my opinions.  It is the freedom to express a variety of opinions that makes America what it is.  If you choose to disagree with my post here, please be respectful of your opinions.  Thank you. ***

The election will be here before you know it.  Living in one of the big “decision states,” we are already bombarded with political ads from both sides.  Today I would like to address the new televised ad from the Obama campaign, ‘Troubled.’  (watch the ad here: http://youtu.be/60ziBFRKTnk)

Now, I am in favor of better health coverage.  I respect the right for people to have their own opinion and to demonstrate that opinion.  Four years ago I voted for Obama for president.  Until today, I was undecided about who I would vote for as our next President.  Allow me to explain. 

I have not been thrilled with Obama’s presidency.  That being said, I understand that it is a far greater challenge than I could hope to comprehend and I realize that many signs of improvement take time to fully show.  I have not been impressed with Romney’s record either.  This has left me going back and forth to see who I felt who best represent and lead our nation as President.  We all know that during a campaign, we are crowded with ads, many of them negative and false or taken out of context.  We all know that promises are made that may never be fully realized, despite the intentions of the candidate.  As I began to contemplate what issues would matter most to me, I focused on the issue of respecting life in all of its stages and in all of its forms.  While this is typically a pro-life statement, this does not mean I would base my decision solely on the issue of abortion.  All of life’s stages include respecting and protecting the quality of life not only in the womb, but throughout all of a person’s life.  This includes providing proper health care, promoting a growing economy that allows for everyone to find work that will provide for a family, and so on. 

The ‘Troubled’ ad attacks the Romney campaign because he does not support abortion.  It tells us that all American women should be troubled by his stance on women’s health.  It quotes Romney as saying that he is against abortion even when it is due to incest or rape.  It tells us that Romney wants to cut Planned Parenthood and that this would be a bad thing because it provides health screenings to women.  All of these statements troubled me.  But not for the reasons the ad intended. 

I can tolerate ads knocking down the opponent’s economic stance.  But an ad that directly attacks the moral conscience of another person?  This is too far.   First of all, Romney actually wrote that he supports abortion in cases of incest, rape, or when it is dangerous to the mother.  This is in direct contradiction of what the ad demonstrates.  Also, out of all abortions in America, only .5% are due to rape.  This is clearly not the leading factor in abortions for a country that leads the charts having the most abortions in all of the world’s developed nations.  I am against abortion in all of its forms.  It is never acceptable to end the life of another human being.  While I know Romney may not share my view, at least he is not publicly mocking and disputing my moral beliefs. 

Secondly, the statements that Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, is necessary because of health screenings had absolutely no validation given the recent health care laws Obama put into place.  I was surprised that the campaign still even mentioned this issue.  With the recent ObamaCare, all women will be able to receive health screenings with no co-pay.  It will clearly not be necessary for Planned Parenthood to facilitate this.

I do my research.  I know that all of Romney’s ideas are not in line with mine.  I know Obama’s are not either.  I know that Romney opposed the Obama healthcare reform.  Perhaps this is what prompted the new ad?  As a young American woman with a moral code of conduct to abide by, I know I must choose the candidate that I best feel will represent life.  The candidate who will fight for what is right and just and that will defend the rights of Americans to hold their own religious beliefs and moral obligations.  President Obama has shown me that he does not respect my religious beliefs.  He has violated our first amendment rights by demanding that institutions that are religiously based must provide preventative health care against their beliefs to all employees.  The offered compromise did not change this matter and in fact only further attempted to define and set parameters on what constitutes a religious organization.  This matter aside, he has now shown in a public ad that he is not above making a mockery of the moral beliefs of another candidate, or of the American people.  

After seeing this ad, I felt that my opinions about abortion were not merely contradicted, but were completely shot down.   A civil candidate would approach the issue, perhaps in a debate setting, while stating his view and remaining respectful of the view of those in opposition.  I am very disappointed with this new ad and it has solidified my stance for the election.  I will not be re-electing this President.  I sincerely hope that Obama takes care to respect the opinions of Americans and to be more tasteful in his campaigns.  I will continue to pray that the best candidate will win.  If that is Obama, I will support him as I am an American.  But I will remember this ad that disrespected my personal, faith-based beliefs.

Let us all pray that the Lord will guide all of our presidential candidates and will guide the American people as they contemplate and vote for a new President in November.  If my decision is wrong, so be it.  Let us pray that despite our party affiliations, we will all be able to see clearly who the best candidate is.  Whether that be in accordance with my opinions or not, I pray that it will be what is best for the nation.

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2 thoughts on “‘Troubled’ Ad: Very Troubling Indeed

  1. Rebecca Hamilton July 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm Reply

    I think you did a fine job with this post.

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