Falling in Love with God

There is a song by the Christian band Jars of Clay called “Love Song for a Savior” (See video).   I have loved this song for years and it is one  of the few songs that has a remained a favorite of mine since I first heard it in middle school.   The chorus is simple and beautiful as they sing “I want to fall in love with you.”  This certainly isn’t an unusual theme for any song:  Wanting to fall in love.  But this song is different.  This is not a song about wanting to fall in love with a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  This is about a deep desire to fall completely in love with God.

The other day I was thinking about this concept: falling in love with the Lord.  What does it mean to be head over heels in love with God and how do we get to that point?  I began to think about falling love in human terms, ways that I can relate to.

When a relationship is beginning between a man and a woman here on earth, work is involved on both ends before you get to the “in love” part.  There are things that both parties do in order to win the affections of the other.  A woman might spend extra time on her hair, wear a new outfit, and suddenly become interested in a sports team that the man likes despite knowing nothing about it.  A man may shave more closely, comb his hair more carefully, and perhaps even give in to seeing the dreaded new chic flick in theatres.   We have to earn the love and respect of another person in a relationship.  And once we get to know another person, to know their interests, their beliefs, their values and so on, we just might fall in love. 

Even once we do fall in love with someone, the work doesn’t end!  The other person may not immediately return the sentiment, or sometimes may never return it at all, leaving someone heartbroken.  If the sentiment is returned and a marriage is planned, there are still things we do to “work” at being in love.  There of course will sometimes be arguments, fights, and disagreements.  There will be times when the woman just doesn’t understand the man’s point of view or vice versa.  Despite ups and downs, throughout their time together, a couple will continue to show each other that they are still in love.  Maybe by a woman cooking her husband’s favorite meal or making a special dessert.  Maybe by the man doing the dishes one night.  Perhaps by a spontaneous date night, a beautiful walk in the park, or a weekend getaway. 

This certainly isn’t new information to us.  We know what it looks like to see people fall in love.  We see it in friends, family members, our own lives even.  We see the Hollywood version of it in movies all the time.  But what would that movie look like with God?

For starters, we don’t need to make God fall in love with us.  We don’t need to search for a way to win His affections.  He already loves us!  And He has done so much to show His love for us.  He created the beautiful world and created us to be a part of it.  He has blessed us with gifts and talents, with family and friends, food, health, and so much more.  And He gave His only Son to die for our sins as the ultimate show of love so that we may be with Him forever.  If that’s not enough to earn our love I don’t know what is!  We simply need to open our eyes and realize the deep love God has for us.  Our human hearts cannot even comprehend the love He has for us.  To fall in love with God is to see the beauty He has given us, to feel His presence in our daily lives, to be surrounded by His glory in all that we do.  One of the most simplest and beautiful prayers I can think of is to just say to the Lord, “I love you and I want to love you even more.  Open my heart to your love.”  

But it cannot end there.  Just as in our human relationships there may be ups and downs and just as we still work to show the other person we love them, we should do the same in our loving relationship with the Lord.  There will be times where we do not understand what He is saying to us.  We may get frustrated when facing difficult times.  But we can always be sure of His love.  And we should show Him how much we love Him.  By spreading that love with others here on earth.  By doing the simple things like helping someone in the grocery store, smiling at someone who is having a rough day, donating our time and money when we are able to help those less fortunate than us.  By showing that we respect God and His commandments and that we will follow Him.  By telling Him that we love Him.  In our relationships here on earth, those three little words are so important.  Telling someone that you love them for the first time a big step in a relationship!  And those words make us smile as we are told by others that they love us too.  So we should do the same for Christ.  Through prayer, through song, through dance, through praise of any kind.  We need to make the most of the gifts and talents we have been given to show God that we are thankful for His abundant blessings and will use them to spread His love with others.  We need to be able to humbly say to our Lord, I want to fall in love with you.

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