HHS Mandate Update

Well it has been several months since Obama announced his healthcare bill with the provision that all employees require birth control to be provided to all employees.  Protests, letters, and lawsuits from religious groups across the nation followed in an attempt to have the law changed so that they would not have to provide borth control that goes against religious beliefs.  Today the Department Health and Human Services announced that the health care requirements will be amended allowing religiously affiliated non-profits to opt out of the birth control requirement if it opposes religious beliefs.  This is definitely a step in the right direction!  The exemption does not cover for-profit groups like Hobby Lobby which have also filed a lawsuit over the requirement due to their Christian affiliation.  With this new decision, employees requesting birth control will still be able to receive it free of charge through separate insurance.

While this does not cover everyone who objects, at least it is a step forward.  Read about the decision here:


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