Prayer for a New Pope

Dear Lord Jesus, you set your Apostle Peter as the leader of your Church here on earth so many years ago. Please send your Holy Spirit to guide the hearts and minds of the Cardinals gathered together as they choose a new successor to St. Peter’s role in your Church. Send your spirit to all Catholics as we join them in prayer. Send them the gifts of wisdom and discernment of your will as they embark on this spiritual journey of electing a new Pope. Watch over His Holiness Benedict XIV as he continues in a life a prafer and faithfulness to you.  We pray Lord God that the new Pope chosen by you through the Cardinals will lead your Church according to your will. We pray that he might inspire Catholics and people of all faiths to turn to your Son Jesus. We pray that he will inspire holiness, prayer, faith, and love in all your people. Lord hear our humble prayers as we join with the angels and saints in your praise.   Amen.

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One thought on “Prayer for a New Pope

  1. SR March 1, 2013 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Praying it with you! Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR

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