A Wonderful Vacation

603144_10101549991147344_2073213547_nI can hear the sound of the waves on the shore before I can see it. The sound is so soothing and instantly relaxing. The wind blows gently and I can smell the salt, the sand, the sea. The surrounding trees grow towards me as I walk towards the shore. Years of winds from the ocean have permanently molded them to grow this way. It looks as though God took His hand and brushed the branches of these trees all in one direction and they never changed. The sea oats planted securely in the dunes wave with the breeze coming off the shore. We walk over a small hill and there it is. Seemingly endless waters. The blue of the water reaches up to the blue of the sky and down to the soft brown sand of the beach. The sand is soft beneath my feet and I take off my shoes and let my toes sink in. We walk down to the waves that are coming up on the shore. Small shells are scattered about; some almost whole, others rounded and beat up from being tossed and tumbled in the waves. I walk towards the water and let the foam of the sea reach out and surround my feet with the refreshing water before receding again into the ocean. The constant ebb and flow is so relaxing. I hold my husband’s hand and we walk together in the early morning light along the water. I stop and just look out at the immense beauty of it all. How wonderful is our Lord?

 970829_10101549971811094_1462811235_nLater we go back in the middle of the day with the family. Slathered in sunscreen we lay on the beach enjoying the warmth of the sun on our bodies as we listen to the shore. Birds fly by. We talk, we laugh, we simply lay in silence taking in the beauty around us. When we begin to feel the heat and need to cool off, we swim. We go into the water and await the perfect wave to dive beneath. The salty taste of the sea clings to our lips. The water is cool, but refreshing and invigorating. We bob in the waves and ride them to shore and when we have had enough, we begin to walk again. The tide is going out and small tide pools are forming. The warm shallow water has many things in it to discover. We walk along the shore and find a starfish, perfectly beautiful, gently moving with the waves. We see little clams digging their way deep into the sand to avoid becoming lunch to one of the birds flying overhead. I see a perfect little seashell and reach down to pick it up only to discover a small hermit crab scurrying back inside to hide. We walk in awe of the majesty of God’s creation from the vastness of the ocean to the tiniest of clams.

431854_10101549976097504_1723537399_n At night we go to the seashore again. It is dark and the stars and moon are shining brightly. It is high tide and the waves reach almost all the way to the dunes leaving us only a small patch of sand to walk upon. We walk quietly and carefully using our flashlights to spot ghost crabs running sideways along the sand as they head out towards the waters. The sea looks so different at night. The bright blues and greens of the day have faded into black. The black of the rolling waves with the reflection of the moon and stars shimmering upon them meet eh black of the night sky. I stare out at the sea and up at the sky. I take it all in, the waves, the stars, the moon, the presence of family. The wind is a bit chilly now at night but I don’t mind. After a while we decide to head in for the night, knowing we will return to the shore again tomorrow. As we head back to camp and get ready for bed my mind is filled with the sights and sounds of the day and praise for our Lord. My mind cannot comprehend the awesome power of our God to create all of this beauty. To create the stars burning brightly millions and millions of miles from here. To create the sea, so vast that we cannot even know what lies in its depths. To create all the creatures and every plant with such detail! To create us in His very own image and because He loves us so, give us His only Son so that one day we will be with Him in a place even more glorious than we can imagine. My heart is filled with happiness and peace as I lay next to my husband, my family in the campsite next to use. We say our prayers and as I fall asleep with the soft sound of the waves in the distance, my soul sings praise to the Lord for all He has given us.

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2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Vacation

  1. kingintraining July 12, 2013 at 2:03 am Reply

    Ahhh the best smell in the world is the smell of the ocean! It’s such a blessing

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