True Peace

With the Holy Father’s worldwide call to prayer and fasting for peace and with the possibility of a coming war filling the news and our minds, I though back to this post I had previously written on the true peace that can only be found through Jesus Christ. All peace comes from Him and there cannot be true peace in our lives or in our world without Him. As we continue to pray for peace in Syria and in all the world, let our hearts be opened to the peace of Christ so that we not only speak of peace to others, but allow the peace of Christ to govern our thoughts and actions as well. May the peace of Christ be with the whole world.

roses near running waters

Peace be with you

Jesus offered these words to His disciples upon appearing to them after His resurrection and we use the same phrase in Mass each Sunday.  The priest offers peace to us, we offer peace back to him, and we offer signs of peace to those with us in church.

Peace be with you

How short and simple these words are and yet how awesome and grand at the same time.  Jesus offers us peace, true peace, through His death and resurrection.  By coming into this world and teaching us how to live, Jesus showed us how to bring peace to our lives.  By dying on the cross and rising from the dead He brought everlasting peace to us all.  The peace that comes from knowing that Jesus is our salvation and that death is not the end of our journey.  When Jesus appears to His disciples in the locked upper room…

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  1. […] when it comes to finding peace for our world, the first step is to realize it has not gone away. True peace comes from Christ, and He has never left us.  As dire as things may seem, peace is not altogether […]

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