The Newborn King

Gerard van Honthorst Adoration of the Shepherd...The birth of Christ is truly an awesome and miraculous mystery.  The fact that God would choose to send His Son into the world as a baby is beautiful beyond comprehension.   I suspect that if any of us had to devise the plan for the Savior of the world to come to earth, not a one among us would choose a baby born in a manger to a young woman and her carpenter husband.  A baby who would grow up just like the other babies; learning to walk, talk, and pray.  It’s all so ordinary.

God could have sent our King as a mighty man adorned with gold, jewels, and riches beyond compare as he led an army to save us.  But a man leading an army to save the people would inevitably be fighting against someone else.  God does not want us to fight each other.  He came to conquer death, to fight the battle against the devil for our souls.  He did not come to spark a war among men, but to vanquish death and offer us a way to true and everlasting peace.  He sent Jesus to save us from our sins and to show us true love, peace, and joy.

God, in His infinite love and wisdom, knew exactly what He was doing.  A beautiful, innocent, precious baby was just the Savior we needed.  Someone who would grow up fully human.  Who would know our fears, our doubts, our struggles.  Someone who would see our sins and show us the way in the most loving and humble way imaginable.  Someone who would show us just how deep the Father’s love is for us. 

Christ's Birth

Christ’s Birth (Photo credit: Laura B. Dahl)

The precious baby Jesus, swaddled in the manger, is a King indeed.  He may not have been born in a mighty palace with an abundance of warm blankets, but He was born under a blanket of heavenly stars leading the way for those who came to worship.  He may not have had royals guards announcing His birth to all the lands, but he had a multitude of heavenly angels instead!  Angels who appeared to simple shepherds who hurried to see the newborn King and to share the good news with all.

Christmas is almost upon us.  And as we celebrate the birth of our loving King of Kings with family and friends, let us all take a moment in the hustle and bustle to thank our Father for the greatest gift of all.  May our hearts be filled with the wonder, joy, and love that was brought into the world by a tiny baby born in Bethlehem years ago.  Glory to the newborn King!

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2 thoughts on “The Newborn King

  1. wordprocessor December 23, 2013 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Amen. Hallelujah!!

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