Testimony Part Two

For those of you that “Met Rebecca” through my post the other day, here is part two of her faith testimony. Also check out the new section on her blog where she has posted several pieces of her own original artwork that she will be selling to help raise funds for her mission trip!

Seeds of the Dandelion

So to recap my last post, at this point in my journey with Jesus, I have just finished reading my Bible and am nearing the end of that horribly awkward phase of life called middle school. I don’t remember where in the Bible I was when I felt called to mission work, but I remember the exact moment I felt called to be a missionary. I believe it is impossible to forget any moment in which God reaches down and tenderly touches our hearts.  I can still remember how I was sitting–crosslegged, backwards on my bed. I was captivated by a book in the Old Testament and it was around 11:00 at night. That was when I felt him; felt him gently and ever so slightly urge me to go and tell of the wonders that were captivating me in that very moment. To spread his love and word around the world…

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